Can I use 2 eSIM in iPhone XS Max?

People always wish to have updated technology gadgets for their use in that list iPhone hold first place. Even though iPhone is fame among people the major drawback is the users are allowed to use only single sim. This badly minimize the number of iPhone users, to the fortune now iPhone XS max is availed with dual sim slot i.e., primary sim and an e-Sim to make them trending. Many can wonder what e-Sim is, it simply refers to electronic SIM card. Instead of adding an additional slot, nano-SIM user can be able to subscribe to a network using phone similar to a cellular-accessed iPad with an Apple e-SIM. In iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max came up with an idea of e-SIM for a first dual-SIM iPhone. Where Primary SIM act as regular SIM and Secondary SIM act as e-SIM or digital SIM in iPhone XS and iPhone XS max.

Advantages of Using e-SIM:

Most of the people would not aware about uses of e-sim slot even some people would think my iPhone have 2 eSIM what is use of that? To make clear all those doubts here are some of major benefits in using e-sim are listed below.
  • E-Sim is more efficient and a chance for mechanical failure is entirely less.
  • This e-SIMs is small sized to make them compatible.
  • Moreover, while using e-sim people do not require additional sim slots.
  • It is more safe and secure usage than the traditional SIM

How to configure e-SIM in iPhone?

The frequent question would be how to set up eSIM on my iPhone XS Max? Before moving to the e-sim configuration it is necessary to check whether your iPhone has availability for it. To be clear iPhones after September 2018 has the newest version which has compatibility for e-SIM settings. It can be accessed to the iPhone through cellular settings. To use 2 e-SIM in iPhone XS Max follows below steps:
  • Ensure that your iPhone do not installed with e-sim application, if it does make sure you delete it.
  • Initiate the process by choosing options Settings ➙ mobile/cellular user can find e-SIM option labeling on/off in it.
  • If users can’t find that option, they are allowed to download e-SIM from internet that are available in various platforms
  • Choose a wise plan suitable to your budget.
Follow the above steps correctly to avoid mistakes or issues during copy, paste of e-Sim label.