ear infection

Can headphones cause ear infection?

Mostly people use headphone for hearing music or to hear some of the records with privacy. Some may use it occasionally and some may use it regularly like the person who needs the headphone for their profession. Many have a doubt that continuous usage of headphones causes ear infection. The answer is yes it will cause major infection and may lead to loss of hearing. The sounds from the headphones cause some vibrations and it reaches directly to the eardrum and then it passes through the small bones to reach cochlea. The cochlea will be in the form of fluid with more number of tiny hairs and if you hear it with more noise then it will spread the hair widely and cause ear infection from the headphones. headphones

Some basic prevention ear infection caused from headphones

Don’t use the headphones regularly. It’s not the thing that you should not use the headphones completely, use occasionally whenever it is necessary. Avoid using the headphones used by many people. For example, the person using headphones has any bacterial infection, and if you use the same headphones, in such case you will gets infected by it. When you use the headphones the decibels of that particular headphone should be maximum upto 70 to 80 decibels. If it was more than that it may harm your ears. Don’t forget to remove headphones once in 30 minutes. You can even set a remainder in your phone for doing it regularly. Headphone is a preferable thing compared to earphones. Because earphones cause a quick damage to the eardrum easily. Always use the high quality headphones with proper decibels and soft material at the place of hearing area. The headphones with low quality may cause some wound to the ear while using frequently. These are some of the preventing tips for ear infection from the headphones

Can you wear headphones with an infection?

You should not wear headphones with an infection. If you have an ear infection, then you should disturb it unless it gets cured. When you have infection in your ear due to continuous usage of headphones or due to some other thing, whatever it may be wearing headphones is not recommended at that time. If your ears are infected by headphones, at first you can have some first aid treatment. If the infection prolongs for more than a week then you should consult the doctor and have a proper medication. If not, it may lead to incurable situations.