the receiver is by default a more complex device compared to a stereo amplifier

AV receiver vs Integrated amplifier

When planning to purchase certain components of a home audio system, a future user is faced with a large number of questions that cannot always be understood without a specialist. Amplifier or receiver? This question was asked by almost everyone who planned to buy new audio equipment. The problem lies in the lack of understanding of the fundamental difference between the two devices. Let’s talk about receivers and what to look for when choosing, for example, the best AV receiver under 500 dollars. This device is a multi-channel amplifier, characterized by the presence of digital stream decoders. The output sound is distributed on 6.7, or 8 channels (for subwoofer and satellites). Some models of such receivers are additionally equipped with tuners used for receiving radio broadcasts. The amplifier is an element of the control system designed to increase the power of the input audio signal. Outwardly, it looks like a small device the size of a DVD player. That is, the receiver is by default a more complex device compared to a stereo amplifier. And, having some strictly defined amount to buy, the average buyer chooses what has more features. At the same time, completely ignoring their true needs. And this choice is very simple. If you plan to listen to music most of the time the future system works, then you better pay attention to the stereo amplifier. And if you are an avid movie fan, and music is either for you a rare pastime or as a background, then in this case you need an AV receiver. Music lovers should not buy a receiver since audio paths for music and cinema are created according to different principles. At the same time, the cinema track is full of powerful dynamic swings of sound effects, bright and clear tones that characterize a particular scene. But the receivers have one interesting feature – connecting the stereo signal directly to the multi-channel input if the receiver is equipped with one. In this case, the music really sounds more natural and voluminous. However, as we said above, the design of the receiver amplifier is such that a certain part of the music will never reach the speaker systems, as it will be lost in the noise from the pickup of the electronic part and will forever die down in the audio section itself. It is unlikely that a music lover-audiophile will be happy with this result.