Are dual SIM phones more harmful?

At present, most of the people are interested to use advanced smartphones to have a great experience. Some of the persons use more than one mobile phone that may be either android or iOS. You might have some doubts while choosing mobile phones whether to choose the single SIM mobile phone or dual SIM mobile. Mostly every one prefers dual SIM as it will be convenient and helpful for them. It helps when one slot of SIM is not working, and also cost-effective. Every phone emits radiation because of the SIM, but the range differs when it has dual SIM. The radiation emission may be in the range of 3 Watts. In such cases, the high power can cause some diseases like fatigue, insomnia, in extreme conditions it may lead to a brain tumor. So the dual SIM phones more harmful than the single SIM.  

Dual SIM mobile is harmful even if it is not in use

Make sure that you are aware of knowing the risks of using dual SIM for human health. Some information about the dual SIM usage and its causes are as follows. Each mobile phone emits the radio frequency, none of the mobiles is exceptional. The shocking truth is even you are not using the mobile phone it emits the frequency i.e even in the idle stage. It emits because of the nearby cell phone towers at the time of the idle stage also. The radiofrequency emission will be doubled when you use dual SIM mobile phones as the circuits try to get the signals from the cell towers. In the Dual SIM mobile phone if you use only one SIM do not think that the radio frequency emission will be less. It is the same as when you use dual SIM because the unused slot will be active.   The unused slot will be searching for the emergency signal in such cases it automatically looks for the signal and emits the frequency. The architecture of the mobiles and components made for dual SIM radiates more than the single slot mobiles. Almost it emits more than 40% of mobile which contains a single SIM slot, so the level of radiation from dual SIM mobile phone is always higher Because of the continuous usage of the dual SIM, the mobile batteries get reduces as the circuits work continuously. Most mobile phones with dual SIM slots exceed the limit of the threshold. Especially it exceeds when the signal is very low that includes lifts, cars, and tower less areas. Better to use a single SIM mobile and try to avoid keep mobiles near you while not in use